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Lismore Floods 2022

This section of Lismore Flood Stories is devoted to the emerging documentation projects which have attempted to capture the catastrophe of the 2022 floods which devastated Lismore. The first on February 28 peaked at 14.4m, roughly 2m higher than any other flood in recorded colonial history, and 3m higher than the 2017 flood. 

On March 30, a second flood at 11.4m hit Lismore and shocked the region again. In Lismore, around 5000 homes have been damaged with estimates of 12,000 -14,000 people displaced. The entire CBD and industrial zones have been wiped out.

This website acknowledges that these unprecedented flood events occurred on Bundjalung country and had wide-reaching impacts across the Northern Rivers, but at this stage, this website is mainly covering the Lismore Flood. If documentation projects covering other areas exist, we will happily include a link to any online repository.  Email me via our contact section. 


In community with you all,

Jeanti St Clair

Lismore Flood Stories Creator


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